WP14 Whoops!

Okay, so I thought that last week was the last week was my last week of posts but apparently this is my last post so, let’s jump right in! In my final week of posting for sure, I will be talking about Infinity war, right where I started. In the new trailer that is shown we see that Thanos has 2 of the 6 stones (power and mind)and vision seems to be out for the count, unless they just plug a double a battery into his gem slot ans say OK, you’re coming in and fighting on a lithium battery. I doubt it. Also, on the E3 trailer, Thanos backhands someone, which is pretty funny because I think that spider-man was the one that got backhanded, so I’m fairly sure that spider-man is going to die in one hit. Also Hulk is down  because of the fall he took in Thor Ragnarok. It will be interesting to see if Scarlett will use the mind stone and do to Thanos what she did to vision in Captain America Civil war. Speaking of that, most people know that Chris Evans(Captain America) is going out at the end of Infinity War, but if you love Captain America and didn’t know that this is going to happen, I’m sorry. But I’m not really sorry. Moving on. this is my extended post on Infinity war and what may happen, Oh, war machine may die or it may be way later when his legs are fixed. Ok, so I hope you read my other posts and comment on my other posts and I may reply.

Here is the trailer!


This is my last weekly post and I thought that I could do something weird and interesting. This week I am doing weird heroes that actually existed and had their own comics. the first one is called Matter Eater Lad. He basically has the power you think he has. He can basically just eat anything without getting sick. I believe that he fought with either the fantastic 4 as a type of sidekick or in the justice society for heroes.  The next one is bouncing boy. He is a chubby kid that has skin like a trampoline and makes him bounce off stuff. I don’t even know how he got these powers but my best guess is that he got hit with dark matter and he was on  a trampoline and got bouncing powers. Just kidding. The next one I don’t even know his name but his power is to attach and detach his limbs and use them as weapons. He couldn’t even get accepted into the most basic groups of superheroes and heroines. In fact, he once just fell apart on his own. Nothing even happened to him that made his limbs fall off. They just fell. This is my last weekly post and if you find anymore weird heroes. Sadly I could find no pictures labeled for reuse for any of these  heroes, so go here for pictures.

SBC10 Farewell Post

In this post I will be doing a summary of my posts and answering the questions most people and edublogs would ask.

How many posts did you write?

I wrote

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

Almost all of my posts were, based on my own interests.

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I got 4 comments from overseas students, with students and teachers I got 10.

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

The post that got the most visits for me was mt Halloween post because it included Dishonored and a holiday which are both very popular.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

My favorite post was the ghost rider post because I got to learn more about him and I figured out what his original suit and powers were.

Did you change blog themes at all and why?

I did because after I ran out of theories for Infinity war I decided to talk about different things other than that.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have 2 widgets, a poll and a globe that records visits for when people enter my blog, and I do think I have enough but I wish I had different ones.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

I have one person from Australia.

Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

I used tags to make my blog appear higher up when people google searched it.

Count Out Three post

Pablo’s Online Blog is very interesting because it covers a wide variety of things that a lot of people like as well as what he does. I personally liked his action cartooning post because I enjoy mythical beasts and things of that sort.

Maya’s Marvelous mind is another good blog because it tells you about technology and sports like hockey. A post that I enjoyed was the cyber safety post because it informs you without being a boring 20 minute lecture on what you should never do.

Riley’s blog is very interesting because in the blog everything is stuff that is totally random and unique. I really like the whenever I feel like it story 2 because it is totally unique and creative as well as the drawings that Riley makes being original.


To accompany the post on your favorite Marvel or DC TV shows I would like you to list your favorite Marvel or DC movies, either just one or a whole list of 12 from one to 12. I can tell you that it is very hard to choose your favorite one because they are all very good, but Batman vs. Superman was very good just to see the intellect of Batman and the true power of Superman, but my favorite bit was that they included doomsday, which is one of the coolest looking bad guys in both the Marvel and DC universe. Enough about what I like, I would like to see what your favorite movie is and why you like it. Please respond in the comments and please read my other posts! Also tell me what movies you are looking forward to and I will put your name and link in my post.


for list of movies go here!


In this post I am wanting to ask you which Marvel or dc Comics show you like the best and the reason that you like this show. You can do your own show but If you can’t think of one I will have a list below. My personal favorite is the flash just because of the acting and I think of the Flash as one of the most powerful superheroes. I love a lot of shows like this one, but I really do want  to hear from you and all the other people out there. I will give you the results in my next weekly post so keep in touch till then. My next weekly post will be after thanksgiving.


Legends of Tomorrow



Iron Fist

Luke Cage


Agents of Shield

Jessica Jones



In this post I will be telling you about the tech that we have here at my school. First the basics are our computers, and class laptops for about 3 to 5 classrooms. Most of the individual students here have phones to contact others and for other uses. We also use for basics are projectors and an Elmo, a projector showing physical things instead of a document online.

For the ore advanced tech we have pens that interact with the projector, bar code scanners, as well as a very good and almost industrial printer for documents. We also have a fax machine, I guess that is not that high tech. We have lots more that I am probably not naming, but we have good tech here. Please check out my other posts and I hope you see my future posts.


what our computers look like.



for how to get good tech advice go here!


Halloween post

Since Halloween is today I am going to tell you about my best Halloween experience. This year was my favorite experience for Halloween just because I am going with friends I have not seen in a long time as well as me making my favorite costume that doesn’t look like a bad store bought costume. This year I am going as the min character from dishonored, Corvo Attano.  He looks so cool and I can’t wait to go and get a lot of candy. See you next time!


For all the DC fans that read my blog I will talk about my first DC blog of all time in this blog of all time ever. Today I will be talking about the new flash lightning. In the comics his lightning should be yellow, signifying that he has a normal connection to the speed force. in the pictures of him it shows that his lightning is white and and a hint of blue. In the comics this shows him as a god mode flash. This could also mean that his suit gives him extra power making him insanely fast.I hope you enjoy this post and please check out my other blog posts.


Debunking Superheroes WP9

This is a new series I am starting where I find inconsistencies in their stories and tell you whether they are good like captain america or are like Deadpool. First off, if you like Deadpool you should Know something. He is one of the biggest knock off of a ton of heroes. I guess this is my first debunk of a superhero. First I shall tell you who he is based off of, Deathstroke. His powers are based off of wolverine, Deathstroke, spider man, and the only thing that he has that is original is just a sad split personality. The things that he uses in his arsenal are also exactly the same as deathstroke,s. you will not like it. Thanks for listening to my rant on dead pool and I hope you like this series and watch more of my debunking series in the future.